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Game Changers Silicon Valley

The stories about the innovators of today who will be the Game Changers of tomorrow!

Feb 16, 2024

Everyone agrees: We are witnessing unprecedented political polarization and deep divides tearing our country's fabric. 
Since the current leadership in Congress cannot come to terms, the voters have little option but to send a message by electing new representatives and senators to Congress.
I had an opportunity to...

Jan 16, 2024

In 2023, approximately 3,200 venture-backed firms in the U.S. went out of business, according to data from PitchBook. These startups had collectively raised about $27.2 billion. Since the failure of Silicon Valley Bank in March 2023, this situation has been described as the most difficult year for startups in at least a...

Nov 19, 2023

In a candid conversation with our host, Jim Connor, Lydia Kou shares her journey from a reluctant council member drawn into politics by community demand to a passionate advocate for change in Sacramento.

With a focus on common sense and fiscal responsibility, Lydia Kou aims to shake up the status quo, where party...

Jun 26, 2023

AI-powered tools have revolutionized education, opening up a world of possibilities for students.

With access to vast amounts of information and intelligent tutoring systems, students can delve deeper into complex topics, conduct comprehensive research, and gain valuable insights. Chat GPT, with its natural...

Apr 26, 2023

Connecting the dots:

This conversation is about a unique type of dots, specifically Braille dots. Braille was invented over 200 years ago to provide a method for visually impaired people to read using combinations of six dots to represent letters and words. Books translated into Braille are available for the visually...