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Dec 7, 2022

California is leading the movement to reclassify felony crimes as misdemeanors.  Proposition 47 reclassified a wide range of theft and drug possession crimes from felonies to misdemeanors.  

Proposition 47 did not spell out specific details on extenuating circumstances for prosecuting these crimes as misdemeanors. The legal system began to create definitions and sentencing guidelines for these reclassified misdemeanors. But many district attorneys simply made the decision not prosecute these misdemeanors.    

Law enforcement was also criticized in responding to violent and non violent criminal behavior.  Local and state politicians supported movements to “defund the police”.  Retirement and resignations among law enforcement dramatically increased.   

But the rise in property crime, violent theft, fraud and drug activity has been dramatic and has taken a serious toll on our sense of public safety. 

So the question is, are we collectively ready to address the level of crime taking place in our communities today, and if so, what are the priorities and rebuilding our relationship with law enforcement.

My guest is Angela Averiett, who is a new chief of police in los Altos, California in the heart of Silicon Valley. Angela.  Chief Averiett speaks about the key issues in addressing crime and the relationship of law enforcement with the community.