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Feb 5, 2019

Quantum computing is one of those concepts that is difficult to explain, especially in the sense that the underlying technology its most basic component, the qubit, seems outside our everyday experience.

During the discussion with Matt, I recognized that a person does not need to fully grasp the properties of a qubit in order to become aware of the potential quantum computing can deliver.

Airline company Airbus SE is using quantum computing to address the challenges of flying an airplane, namely air flight dynamics, fuel consumption, and routing.  A Wall Street Journal recently published an article by Sara Castellanos about how Quantum Computing is taking off in Aerospace.

Airbus SE is working with QC Ware, a Palo Alto-based company that develops the application software the runs on a quantum processor.  Matt Johnson, CEO, and co-founder of QC Ware recognized that the potential of a quantum processor would need applications and algorithms for users to develop solutions to complex problems across many sectors.

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