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Jan 3, 2023

The United States has two major political parties: Democratic and Republican. Ask an American voter which one she or he sides with, and the most likely answer is: “neither.”

Recent polls say at least 4 in 10 Americans identify as politically independent, even if they tend to “lean” Republican or Democratic on the issues. Only 3 in 10 identify as Democrats and the other 3 in 10 identify as Republicans. The Gallup polling organization calls this a “near historical low” for both major parties.

In 2016, Tom Campbell, a five-term former Republican congressman, made the difficult decision to leave the party and become an Independent. The move was bold and inspiring, and it sparked a growing interest among voters in California who are dissatisfied with partisan politics. 

His willingness to leave partisan politics behind shows how people can make a difference even when they no longer hold public office, their experiences, and expertise to inform public policy decisions. 

Tom joined in a call to discuss his experiences and the five key issues affecting the Country today.

  • Fairness in the media
  • The Twitter Files
  • The war between Ukraine and Russia
  • The southern border of the United States
  • The growing dissatisfaction with the two-party system

Tom Campbell teaches Law at Chapman University and is the Chair of Common Sense California (, an organization focused on creating an independent party in California.