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Mar 10, 2019

Artificial intelligence has projected some fantastic benefits and yet we hear ominous rumblings in the background warnings about a brave new world, it's a world where computers outpace and outperform humans in repetitive past analysis and perhaps even in creative work.

Information technology (IT) certifications are a gateway to many professional jobs worldwide, and developing a reliable and cost-effective method to test skills has faced challenges on several fronts.

This conversation discusses the use of AI in testing and certification, starting with the detection of both cheating and copying of test content for subsequent sale to test takers.

The use of AI in skill certification testing may be just the starting point in a broader engagement of integrating AI into the certification process and subject competency process.  XAI  Explainabe Artificial Intelligence is intended to provide insights to why a specific conclusion was reached, or AI embedded with emotional features to humanize the experience and the results.