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Game Changers Silicon Valley

The stories about the innovators of today who will be the Game Changers of tomorrow!

Mar 28, 2023

Fascination and fear of missing out (FOMO) appear to be the most prevalent responses to the emergence of AI engines for the general public. While Chat-GPT has gained the lion’s share of publicity, new AI engines are being announced weekly. 

Public AI engines such as Chat-GPT, Google’s Bard, and will address a broad range of requests, from writing a blog, writing code, writing a screenplay, and most likely creating legal documents, all subject to human review.

But the real value for entrepreneurs may be in the vertical markets, where companies have troves of data, statistics, and specifications that can be valuable to specific participants in a sector.

This podcast is the story of one company that embedded an AI component into their application specific to the automobile sector. The outcome was an unexpected boost in user and customer engagement, igniting a remarkable growth rate and providing the rationale to expand into more areas of personal transportation.

Join us as Michael Quigley discusses the decision to embed an AI engine in their vertical application serving the needs of automobile dealerships and his transition to be a managing partner at StartFast Ventures.