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Game Changers Silicon Valley

The stories about the innovators of today who will be the Game Changers of tomorrow!

Apr 26, 2022

Revenue-based financing is gaining traction as an alternative to the traditional startup debt and equity structures.

This structure, referred to as revenue-based financing, represents a third rail for entrepreneurs to obtain working capital and for investors to reduce the risk of loss in their investment.

Oct 9, 2019

The media spends most of their time in the “happy part of Silicon Valley”, with stories about companies that were successfully funded, grew and acquired. The exit or sale of the company sounds like a naturally occurring event, but the effort to sell a startup company is incredibly demanding and the fact is:  there...

Sep 24, 2019

All entrepreneurs need an exit plan, an opportunity to see their company, generally through an acquisition with an established corporation. The difficult question is knowing when to sell, the terms of the sale and finding the right acquisition partner.  This podcast challenges that assumption.  It’s actually the buyer...

Mar 3, 2019

In just about every business, Cash remains King in terms of operations, but Growth is the key to valuation.  So, while Cash is King, Growth determines value and growth in value promotes product leadership, attracts our most talented resources and is a high priority among investors. 

This pursuit of growth outside of...

Feb 24, 2019

This story is about a woman who is addressing the water contamination problem exemplified in Flint Michigan's 2014 lead poisoning crisis.  Meena Sankaram, the founder of Ketos speaks about her water analysis technology as well as her story about the search for investors and her “all in"bet including her life savings.