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Dec 21, 2022

One much-overlooked area in intimate personal relationships is the destructive nature of narcissistic and controlling personalities. We see narcissistic, controlling behavior in politics, business, the media, and entertainment.

According to articles in  Medical News Today, a controlling personality is a red flag in any relationship, especially in family relationships. Spouses or intimate partners are often subjected to this behavior in private, in the form of covert abuse and coercion. 

Covert abuse covers all types of cruelty, manipulation, and harm inflicted on another person, whether or not that harm leaves physical scars. 

So the question is:  Why are we, as a society, not talking about this, not educating women about the behavior patterns that are predictors of violence in a relationship? <Quote>

My guest is Ruth Darlene, Founder and CEO of Women of Silicon Valley, a non-profit company dedicated to helping women break out of a relationship dominated by abuse and coercive control.