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Apr 27, 2019

Studio software and computer vision have empowered the adoption of virtual characters and virtual movie sets.  The next logical question was: why are we limited to actual human voices in the dialogue? 

The emergence of AI is powering a new approach to analyzing voices, identifying and tagging speaking patterns by age, sex, education, cultural heritage, and accent to fix audio tracks in movies.  This podcast discusses the Company’s technology to create a synthesized voice that is designed to fit the character in a movie, animation or audio dialogue.

The challenge in a movie is casting actors who have both the image and voice to convincingly fit into the story’s setting, whether it is in space, on another planet in the future, at a historical time such as the civil war, or even a prehistoric time. Well, this is not just any simulated audio, this is the ability to create a voice that reflects a specific age, sex, education, profession all within a specific cultural background, complete with a regional accent.