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Feb 18, 2024

We share a highly visible, universal concern: the persistent cycle of crime, drug addiction, and recidivism.

My interview with former San Jose Mayor and current Congressional candidate Sam Liccardo, provides a deeper insight into the pernicious nature of this cycle.

Sam underscores the deep-seated connection between these elements, painting a picture of a cycle that perpetuates itself but believes it can be dismantled with strategic intervention. His insights, drawn from years in public service, propose a pivot from punitive to rehabilitative justice.

At the core of Liccardo’s argument is the significant overlap between the nonviolent prison population and substance addiction. He points out that over half of these inmates struggle with addiction, a factor often leading back to crime upon release. By reintroducing supervised release and frequent testing—a method proven successful in programs like Honolulu's Operation Hope—Liccardo believes we can break this cycle.

Liccardo's philosophy extends beyond the prison walls to address homelessness, often intertwined with addiction. He advocates for focused mental health treatment, aiming to address both homelessness and its frequent companion, drug addiction. 

In essence, Liccardo’s approach to crime, drug addiction, and recidivism offers a symbiotic solution. By treating the root causes rather than just the symptoms, he envisions a transformative change that could redefine public safety, social welfare, and fiscal policy within our communities.