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Game Changers Silicon Valley

The stories about the innovators of today who will be the Game Changers of tomorrow!

May 2, 2022

We admire the person who overcomes adversity to succeed in a chosen profession or line of work. Perseverance, tenacity, and passion create the drive to expand the horizons of the “possible”. 

This is the story about an individual who transformed his early life struggles into a desire to improve the opportunities in marginalized communities.

Our conversation in this podcast is an eye-opener about the challenges of growing up in a marginalized community. Hard work led to a scholarship to attend UCLA, followed by law school.

But that was just the start as Ajwang decided to address the inequities of his early years by seeking elected office. Recognizing the leverage of our legal system, he has decided to run for the congressional representative for California's 16th Congressional District in the heart the Silicon Valley.